Cremation Services

All Paws pet cremation service will enable you to bring your beloved companion home.

We understand that losing a pet is much like losing any other family member. We offer a variety of services to help you through this time of grief.

  • Private / individual pet cremation (ash return)
  • Common / communal pet cremation (no ash return)
  • In Home Pet Euthanasia Service
  • On site Pet Cremation Service    
  • Emergency Pet Pickup Service                   
  • Private/ individual pet cremation (ash return)

With a Private pet cremation you get the ash of your pet returned home to you. This also means your pet is individually cremated to ensure you get your pet , and your pet only back. We take special care of every animal, no matter what service we provide. We also provide high quality urns, and we wrap them with extra special love for you, and your family pet.  Here at All Paws we treat every pet like family . We also guarantee nothing but dignity, respect, and love for your fury family member . We all know first hand how hard that awful day is , and we are here to help you in any way that we can. We want you to know that you are not alone in this. We make ourselves an extension of your local vet clinics family, and we all work together to ensure you ,and your beloved pet get nothing but the best. But a private cremation does ensure individual care for your beloved pet.

Common / communal pet cremation (no ash return)

With a common/group pet cremation you do not get your pets ash returned to you. They are all cremated together ,not individually, and after their ash is spread in our beautiful gardens on our location in Guthrie Oklahoma. All pets no matter the service are treated with the greatest care, dignity, and respect.

In Home Pet Euthanasia Service

We at All Paws understand that it can be hard on families and pets to be able to get to your regular vet on the awful day. A lot of times you can call your regular vet and they will offer at home euthanasia. If they don't ,and they don't mind ,you can pick one of our special mobile vets. They make every family feel comfortable and specialize in this service. You and your beloved pet can stay in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Vets

Great Plains Vet Services
Dr. Heatly
(405) 385-1074

Pet Friends
Dr. Tamara Smith
(405) 816-6598

On site Pet Cremation Service

We absolutely offer on site cremation. You can either bring your pet to us . Or we can come pick them up ,and schedule a time for you to come view ,and say your final goodbyes. We have an open door policy at All Paws. We do ask that you call and make an appointment. This enables us to make sure we shut everything down, and make it about you ,and your beloved pet. We also ask that you do this during our regular business hours . But for an extra charge we can do after hour appointments.

Emergency Pet Pickup Service

We do offer after hour pickups for a small extra charge. We are open 24/7 cause we understand as much as we wish we could plan for that awful day ,sometimes it just comes, and you need us immediately not tomorrow.


Can view private cremation or bring your baby to us with a scheduled appointment

Thank you for taking the extra time to come pick up "Peanut" on Monday & walk her thru the process. I appreciate your kindness & for your extra efforts she was able to come home the next day. It was a comfort knowing she was in excellent hands.

Shawn & Christy Chandler