Paw Print

A mold is taken from the paw of your beloved pet and delivered to All Paws Go to Heavens art department. There it is shaped as a heart, or circle, and finished with care.

Pet Beads

We glass blow these pandora beads in our studio. We can use any of your favorite colors ,or you can show your support with our local team colors as well ! Then we carefully take a pinch of your pets remains ,and we fuse them inside for an everlasting tribute to your pet.

Sports Themed Jewelry

Show your team spirit with your favorite team colors. Pet beads are available in OU, OSU, and OKC Thunder colors.


All Paws go to Heaven offers a unique way to honor your loved pet by giving or sharing with him of her one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt, or one last stalk hunt.

Paper Weight

Paper Weight

Beautiful custom glass blown paper weights.


All Paws go to Heaven now offers a beautiful and unique way to make memories of your pet. Even when we acquire ourselves a pet – be it a dog, cat, rabbit or whatever – we know that one day comes the time when we must say goodbye to a friend and companion.

Thank you for taking Special Care with Teddy. The blue bead is beautiful. It's been a tough year losing both special angels ( Noel and Teddy ). I appreciate all you've done.

Thank You - Saundra