All Paws Go to Heaven Pet Crematory makes every effort to pick up your cherished pet on the same day as requested, if before 6 p.m.. We also try our best to ensure that your pet is cremated within 24 hours of arrival to our facility. All Paws Go to Heaven Pet Crematory will return your pet's remains . Along with your closure package back to your local veterinarian's office, or residence in about 2 business days. If you order a paw print please allow us a extra couple days. If you order a special order urn , glass blown pandora bead, or any other special order products , Please allow us a week to two weeks to get your pet back home. We keep all privately cremated pets in our office with us ,and we make sure they have their own little spot until they are ready to be brought home.

While some providers offer the option of privately viewed cremation, we at All Paws Go to Heaven believe that every pet and owner deserve this security without the added trauma of having to view the cremation. In order to ensure that your pet is treated with the utmost care, each and every animal is issued a unique metal identification disc at the time it is received. Your pet's identification disc remains with it throughout the cremation process and is packaged along with the ashes inside of the urn. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans. We understand that your pet is a member of your family and deserves the very best.

Yes. We will pick up your pet up at your residence before 6 pm at no additional charge, after 6pm there is a pickup fee. We deliver the ashes back to your local veterinarian. Another option is to contact your local Emergency Animal Hospital for further assistance on preserving your pet until we can pick up your pet.

Yes. This is recommended as it is easier to deal with prior to your pet's passing. Arrangements can be made by contacting your local veterinary hospital.

We are mainly a pickup service, drop offs are allowed at our facility by appointment only. We do, however, make regular pickups at over 100 veterinary hospitals in the Oklahoma City area. Most veterinary hospitals will allow their clients to choose cremation services. If your vet does not offer All Paws Go to Heaven please call and we will help make the arrangements with you and your doctor.

Yes, we have an open door policy. However, we prefer you schedule an appointment to visit the crematory.

Communal ashes are spread in our beautiful gardens here at our cremation facility.

A certificate of cremation is issued with every individual cremation along with reading material to assist you in the loss of your faithful friend.

All Paws Go to Heaven Pet Crematory returns all private cremations in an attractive Urn. Either from our beautiful basic package to your own personalized special order urn.

We recently lost two of our K9 family members relatively close to each other.  It was a blessing to have someone with the response and the resources to immediately help us in our sad time.  Our pets passed in peace and their remains were handled with dignity.  Thanks All Paws!

Dave Garrett