About Us

All Paws go to Heaven was started in 2011 when I decided to come home and start my own pet cremation facility right here in the great state of Oklahoma. Along with my parents and my team we are happy to say that we are a thriving business. We literally make ourselves an extension of your local vet clinics family and we all work together to ensure nothing but the best for our customers. 

We treat every pet like family and I will continue to raise the standards of private pet cremation as long as there's a need for our services. We are not for everyone, but we try to fit each individuals needs, and personality. We offer a wide variety of choices. This allows us to help our customers get through losing a loved one.

We try to help heal your hearts by using every tool or product that we can get our hands on.  We hope that you won't ever have to use our services but if you ever do... Just know that we are here and we are a loving, caring team that will give nothing but our best to ensure your pet is treated with the utmost dignity, love, and respect.  You are not alone. Everyone that works for this company has been through losing a fury family member.

Our whole purpose is to be there and help you on that awful day.

Thank you for taking the extra time to come pick up "Peanut" on Monday & walk her thru the process. I appreciate your kindness & for your extra efforts she was able to come home the next day. It was a comfort knowing she was in excellent hands.

Shawn & Christy Chandler